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Why Serpent's Grip®?

• Serpent's Grip® finally offers you a universal method to attach a loop to small and medium sized personal vaporizers or pipes allowing for maximum flexibility in safely carrying your piece with minimal effort.

• It works great on vapes, pipes, lighters, e-juice bottles and more letting you hang or clip your gear like never before!

• Serpent's Grip® is adjustable, durable, reusable and won't leave any residue on your vape. 

• Wear it with our high quality lanyard or attach it to your favorite lanyard.

• No longer have to seek out custom attachments online or modify your vape.

• Whether driving in the car, out on the town or lounging in front of the T.V. Serpent's Grip® helps you keep track of your mods.

• 90 day manufacturers defect warranty.

• Top of the line customer service.

• Online how to's and tutorial videos.


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