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User Testimonials

"I'm always misplacing and/or dropping my pipes. Serpent's Grip has saved me quite a bit of $ because it allows me to safely carry my accessory of choice around my neck or even hooked to my belt loop! Every smoker should have one!! Thanks Serpent's Grip."
-Ana I. / CEO of CannaCatwalk Fusion Events


"The Serpent's Grip is like a guardian angel for your vape making sure it never falls off your lap when you get up. It is great for holding pipes and juices as well."
Robert E. / Pro Clouder


"I was pretty excited about Serpents Grip's ability to safely hold my mods. My dog was literally wearing the clip and mod on his harness while running and it stayed tight. Very impressive, definitely recommended."
-Stephen K.


"I absolutely love how convenient it is to have my mod right at my hip. Not to mention that by not tossing your vape in your pocket / backpack / purse you wont have to worry about it auto firing or shorting out. Serpent's Grips are durable and lightweight, backed by a 90 day warranty and great customer service there isn't much to worry about giving it a try."
-Dave W. / Golden Vault Coiler Reviews


"It's pretty bloody grippy and grips a lot of different surfaces!"
-Dean W. / The Devil Vaper


"I've got it on my Lotus Jelly Twist and it works awesome. Its a Velcro strip with a piece of rubber on the inside that keeps your mod from sliding all over and out of grip. Keep your mod with you at all times either on the lanyard that comes with it or your own personal one. It comes with a little clip so you can even clip it on your belt loop or on your backpack, virtually anywhere. I've seen some e-cig holders come with some pens but none have been universal, they've all been ones that work only with specific pens, well not this one."
-Matt C. / Mean Muggin Vape Reviews


“This is an absolutely wonderful item. I have a large vape collection and these grips hold all of my items. This is my second order and I plan to purchase more. I have recommended you to my friends and clients.”


"The Serpent's Grip is fantastic as I can conveniently carry my vape with me at all times."
-Valerie W.


I would recommend Serpent's Grip to anyone. I personally had the opportunity to work with the Serpent's Grip team. They are very knowledgeable, professional and all about making sure their customers are happy. They go above and beyond to make sure to answer any questions you may have. They aren't just about making the sale but about making sure you have all your needs met.
-Elisha W. / Owner at It Works!