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Serpent's Grip® How To's


 Installation Instructions
1. Make sure both your vape(or pipe) and the underside of the Serpent’s Grip® are clean.
2. Begin by tightly wrapping the Serpent’s Grip® around your vape starting with the non-forked end. Take care not to cover up any buttons or ventilation holes.
3. Tightly wrap each side of the forked-end around each side of the loop until there is no more strap to wrap around.
4. Your vape or pipe can now be attached to any suitable clip, loop or hook using the Serpent’s Grip®

 Safety Information
•This product is intended to be used only as described in these instruction.
•Do not wrap Serpent’s Grip® around any body part.
•Wearing heavy items around your neck may lead to discomfort.
•Do not swing around equipment attached to your Serpent’s Grip®

Serpent's Grip® compatibility
Serpent's Grip™ securely fits items from 1/2" in diameter to 1-1/2" in diameter. This will generally include all tube style vapes, most pod mods, EGO batteries and some of the smaller box batteries. Serpent's Grip™ will not fit small cigarette sized vapes or large box mods.

About Serpent's Grip®
Serpent's Grip™ is proudly handmade in Edwards, CO. Serpent's Grip is patent pending.

Serpent's Grip® wont stay on my device.
Step 1 - Clean the underside of the Serpent's Grip® - Occasionally you may get juice under your Serpent's Grip®. To clean it, begin by removing it from your vape or pipe. Take either a damp towel or napkin and clean only the rubber section of the underside. Do not saturate the Serpent's Grip®. If you are unable to clean it with water you may use a cleaning solution so long as it is safe for use on rubber.

Step 2 - Tightly reattached the Serpent's Grip® to your vape or pipe. - Follow the installation instructions above. When wrapping the Serpent's Grip around be sure to pull the Serpent's Grip® tight when reaching the rubber part of the strap. Next individually wrap each side of the forked end by pulling it tightly before secure the VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap®. Watch our video above for a visual demonstration.

The Rubber on my Serpent's Grip® seems like it isn't fully attached. - This is completely normal as the Rubber on the Serpent's Grip® is self adjusting. This allows it to fit a wide range of items without scrunching up. 

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