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About Us

 Welcome to our website! Serpent’s Grip® was founded by Garry Whiteley with the aim of providing a universal method of carrying small to medium sized personal vaporizers and pipes on any lanyard. With this goal in mind, we dreamed up the Serpent’s Grip® vape lanyard connector. Since its launch in March 2016 Serpent’s Grip® has revolutionized the way vapers carry their mods. We know it can be tough to keep track of your vape and have it readily accessible in a way that fits your needs, lifestyle and fashion sense. Storing your vape in your pocket or purse can lead to misfiring, damaged mods, and leaked juice. With Serpent’s Grip® you can safely and securely hang or clip your vape anywhere that it is convenient for easy access and storage. Tricksters, casual vapers, those with active lifestyles and others all love using Serpent’s Grip® vape lanyard connector.

Made from super grippy rubber on the inside and Velcro Brand® One-Wrap® on the outside, it works great on metal, plastic, ceramic, wood and more. Hand made in Edwards, CO, Serpent’s Grip® can be found in vape shops, head shops, dispensaries and is offered from some of your favorite brands. This amazing new gadget comes with a 90-day manufacturers defect warranty, top of the line customer service and online video tutorials.